Weight Loss Support for Adults in Southwark

We have 100 free places on offer with the WW or Slimming World Adult Weight Loss programme. You will get 12 weeks’ support to help you lose weight, keep it off and live a healthier lifestyle.

You’ll be able to stay motivated with weekly online classes and activities, and advice on the food you eat.

At the moment members are weighing themselves at home and joining in online.

This gives you the freedom to remain self-guided, or to be part of a community to lean on and get support from.

Find out if you are eligible for free weight loss support

You are eligible if you meet all three points below:

  1. Are 18 years or older 
  2. Are a Southwark resident, or registered with a GP in Southwark or a Southwark Council employee (on a permanent contract)
  3. Have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 ≥ 40 or a BMI of 23 ≥ 40 if you are of a south Asian heritage.

You aren’t eligible if you have been a paying member of Slimming World or WW in the last three months.

Get support through WW (Weight Watchers)

You’ll be able to choose from one of WW’s expert coaches, and find the right one for you. Plus you’ll get to bond with other members who are on a similar weight loss journey.

You can join in unlimited live online workshops from early morning into the evening.

Dedicate time to yourself each week. Focus on your journey and swap advice and ideas with your WW Coach and other members of your group.

WW’s goal is to help you lose 5% of their initial body weight, which can have significant health benefits.  These include:

  • Lowering your body’s cholesterol levels
  • Improving blood sugar control, to help reduce your risk of diabetes
  • Reducing aches and pains
  • Helping improve mobility
  • Improving your breathing
  • Enabling you to sleep better
  • Preventing angina – chest pain caused by decreased oxygen to the heart
  • Reducing the risk of certain cancers.

WW also give you a monthly membership discount at Everyone Active Sports and Leisure Centres throughout Southwark

Get support through Slimming World

The Slimming World offer includes:

  • Live online classes
  • On demand online classes and content
  • Barcode scanner for shopping and ideas for tasty and inspiring recipes.

There is no need to go hungry. Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan helps you can enjoy delicious, satisfying, healthy meals made with everyday ingredients. It’s helped millions of people lose weight, without feeling deprived of food. Plus helped them develop lifelong habits they keep up. 

Their Body Magic activity programme, guides you on making activity part of your daily routine, one step at a time. They help you find the motivation to find what works best for you and stick to it!  

Join our group exercise classes at local leisure centres

If you’re enrolled in either weight management scheme you can also join our free exercise classes:

  • Camberwell Leisure Centre, Wednesdays, 10:30am
  • Peckham Pulse Leisure Centre, Thursdays, 11am

You don’t need to book, just come and join in!

Apply today and start your weight loss journey

Places are limited and this offer only runs until the end of July 2022. So apply today!

Call now: 0333 005 0159

Or complete our form today and start your weight loss journey